Senior Thesis Art Exhibitions by Natalie Clark, Rebecca Lipps, Alexa von Bargen and Jennifer Warner

Artists' Reception: Friday, March 16 6:00-8:00 pm | March 5, 2012

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present an exhibition of art by four senior art majors – Natalie Clark, Photography, Rebecca Lipps, Painting, Alexa von Bargen, Photography/Sculpture, and Jennifer Warner, Graphic Design. This exhibition of thesis work will be on display March 16 through 23, 2012.


Natalie Clark presents Beauty Through Chaos - a series of black and white photographs that explore the concepts of order and chaos in nature. Ms. Clark’s photographs attempt to reveal the order and logic of nature’s beauty. Her series investigates the chaotic nature of human beings through abstracted female figures, and displays their natural complexity as well as inherent order.


Rebecca Lipps presents Caught in the Moment. Ms. Lipps created oil paintings on circular panels that capture everyday interactions with nature. Her imagery draws in viewers by encompassing the scene with a spherical bubble-like form. Swirling reflections within the painted landscape give a different perspective on how nature is viewed.


Alexa von Bargen presents Roots: A Collection - a body of work that combines a series of found-object sculptures and life photographs that explore the relationship between people and their hair. Ms. Von Bargen chose to focus her art on the subject of hair because of its association with a person’s identity. Her work investigates what “hair” can both hide and reveal about a person.


Jennifer Warner presents Futures of the Past. Ms. Warner’s display features posters that utilize historical design styles to show how individuals from those times viewed their future, and how today we imagine our future to be. A variety of digital graphic techniques are incorporated.


Please join us for an artists’ reception on Friday, March 16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Xavier University Art Gallery. Meet the artists enjoy the art and refreshments.