Senior Thesis Art Exhibitions by Emily Boutilier, Katie Doyle, Mallory Tulcewicz and Ashley Wanninger

Artists' Reception-Friday, May 2 6:00-8:00 pm | April 30, 2014

Xavier University and the Department of Art are pleased to present an exhibition by four senior art students: Emily Boutilier, Katie Doyle, Mallory Tulcewicz and Ashley Wanninger May 2-17, 2014.  Please join us for the artists' reception on Friday, May 2nd, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Xavier University Art Gallery located in the A. B. Cohen Center.


Emily Boutilier presents America the Beautiful, a series of paintings that focus on the beauty, magnificence, and diversity of the American landscape. During the summer of 2013, Emily made a cross-country cycling trip with her family that spanned 4,300 miles in 69 days. This journey inspired her body of work and reflects the richness of that experience. Through this collection of oil paintings, Emily celebrates the drama of nature, unpredictability of climate, and diversity of our American landscape. 


Katie Doyle presents Entomos, an installation of printed images. The title of the show is derived from the Greek word entomon, meaning insect or segmented creature. Katie’s fascination and research of insects is displayed in four installation areas. Each area represents a living space found within a home that is overrun with printed insects. The grotesque infestation of larger than life bugs will be accompanied by a variety of contrasting framed prints, drawing the viewer’s attention to the delicate beauty of the small creatures. This body of work explores the unique relationship between insects and humans by examining these creatures as worthy art subjects as opposed to meaningless pests.


Mallory Tulcewicz presents Home Grown, a collection of sculptures portraying the relationship between houses and trees. Mallory’s inspiration for the house form comes from her personal experiences living in her homes. She focused on the symbol of a house because they are memorable, filled with experiences that evoke emotion and reconnect us to our past. Mallory is also fascinated with the rituals that go on inside homes as well as the way they are constructed, displayed, decorated, and then dismantled. She is interested in how trees and houses interact and are both forms of shelter and symbols of growth. By showing the connection between homes and trees, she expresses the importance of remembering our roots.​


Ashley Wanninger presents Two Passions One Journey, a sculpture representing her Xavier experience as a student-athlete. The artist states, "Being a student-athlete was often very stressful. Luckily art was not only my major but also my outlet."  Influenced by John Cage, Ashley was inspired to use glass as her main medium, printing each of her experiences on it. Her goal is to entertain with her stories, but most importantly inform others of the true appreciation, love and knowledge that she gained as a student-athlete at Xavier University.


Please join us on Friday, May 2 to meet the artists, enjoy the art and light refreshments.