Safety Team 2 Forming

April 2, 2012

Xavier University Safety Team 2 Forming: Please Consider Joining


Safety Team 2 will be forming soon, and we are seeking individuals to join this initiative. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Jeff Coleman, Assistant Vice President for Audit and Risk Management at by April 13.


The charge to Safety Team 2 is to:

1.       Make recommendations that will develop and continue a culture of safety, a culture that values safety broadly and deeply at Xavier, where a safe campus for all is viewed as an important individual and collective responsibility, where campus safety is part of what all employees think about and act on.

2.       Recommend a prioritized list of specific improvements to further enhance safety both on campus and in locations near campus where Xavier students live and frequently visit.

3.       Develop a list of needed policies or practices relative to safety. This list will go beyond crime prevention, into areas that may include such matters as international travel, alcohol use on campus, background checks for employees, sexual assault, student transportation or escorts on campus or nearby, and more. [Note that the team will not develop the policies themselves, but will identify the inventory of policies and key elements to be considered.]

4.       Develop targets and assessment methodologies to measure actual campus safety performance and how we are being perceived by key audiences.  

5.       Develop and implement a set of strategies, building upon those already in place, to persuasively communicate key messages to students, faculty, staff, and parents, including what is being done with respect to safety at Xavier, what story the relevant markers of safety at Xavier tell, and what they can do to enhance safety at Xavier.

6.       Monitor progress in implementation of recommendations from Safety Team 1.


This initiative for Safety Team 2 follows the very successful work of Safety Team 1.  Our first Safety Team was formed in February 2010, in an effort to develop a more inclusive approach to safety. Safety Team 1 was charged with providing recommendations to maintain and improve safety on-campus and near-campus and with actively communicating Xavier’s safety programs and record. This team had broad representation from Xavier students, faculty, staff, and administration. The team also included three captains from Cincinnati and Norwood Police departments.


The recommendations from Safety Team 1 were approved and are nearing completion for implementation. As part of implementation, Xavier invested $1.6 million in capital improvements. The recommendations encompassed the following safety enhancements:

·         Safety communications

·         XU AlertMe system upgrades

·         Campus lighting

·         Emergency phone systems

·         Electronic door access systems

·         Video safety systems

·         Safety training

·         Mutual aid agreements with Cincinnati and Norwood, with increased Xavier Police presence in neighborhoods adjacent to campus


Safety affects us all. Please let us know if you are interested in improving campus safety through participation in Safety Team 2. Thank you.