Professor can Offer Advice to those Fired from One who does the Firing

February 4, 2009


George Gordon, visiting faculty in management and entrepreneurship at Xavier University, is the man many companies call to swing the axe when they have to reduce their workforce. He then helps coach many of those let go into new careers – often in fields for which they forgot they have a passion.
He has some thoughts for those who have experienced, or who fear experiencing, job loss – all from the perspective of one who has been on the other side of the table and done the firing.
George stresses that it is just a job and only one part of what should be a very full life. Don’t necessarily take a layoff personally; rather use it as an opportunity. He has suggestions on what you might do to lessen your chance of future layoff.
George has over 25 years of experience as a human resource consultant and executive coach. He was Assistant Director in Leadership and Career Services at Xavier, and on faculty at UC. Currently, he is a clinical professor in Xavier’s MBA program of the Williams College of Business and a consultant in workforce development and human resource management with clients nationally and internationally. With degrees in management, marketing, law and interpersonal counseling, he is a licensed counselor and a certified senior human resource manager. George is a past president and board member of the Greater Cincinnati American Society of Training & Development and the local Society of Human Resource Management. He has served on numerous community and corporate boards, and has published several pieces on workforce development.