Parking Concerns and Basketball

October 16, 2008

As already announced, the east Alumni Center parking will be permanently closed on Monday, Oct. 20 to make room for the new Central Utility Plant which is part of the plan for the James E. Hoff, S.J. Academic Quad.

Faculty, staff and students are asked to refer to the University parking rules and regulations at for parking alternatives. Please note there are more than 3200 parking spaces located on campus, with several hundred more spaces available in outlaying areas such as Parking lot ‘A’ off Montgomery Road.

Parking for basketball games, will not be affected this season. However, the Dana connector, the short street that runs from Dana north to Herald next to where the Cincinnati Bell building used to stand, will be closed to both vehicle (except for construction vehicles) and pedestrian traffic. That means people who park on the south side of Dana for Cintas events will have to walk down Ledgewood to get to Cintas.

Xavier is in the process of opening up more parking in the recently acquired Norwood Plaza on Montgomery Road. The old Kroger store in the back of the plaza will be removed. Abatement work is already underway in anticipation of the demolition. The area will be paved. The entire plaza will provide more than 1100 parking spaces.

Xavier is also working to construction a pedestrian walkway from the Norwood Plaza to the Cintas parking lot. The walkway would be located on the west side of the Norwood Plaza lot and cross over now abandoned railroad tracks. Xavier plans to use dirt excavated from the area slated for the new Williams College of Business to build the walkway.

Xavier crews are working to have the Norwood Plaza lot and the pedestrian walkway completed in time for the first men’s basketball game on Friday, November 14.

When the Learning Commons and the Williams College of Business (WCB) are complete in 2010, Xavier will gain 220 new parking spaces. Most of these will be located near the WCB.

Thank you for your cooperation as Xavier’s begins this new and exciting chapter of the school’s history.