Norwood Elementary Students" Reusable Decorated Bags to be used in Krogers

April 21, 2011

Eight criminal justice majors from Xavier University spent three days with students from Norwood View Elementary, Sharpsburg Elementary, and Williams Elementary, teaching them about Earth Day. About 350 students decorated reusable grocery bags for the Kroger stores in Norwood, Hyde Park and Clifton to bag groceries on Earth Day, April 22.

A gift from Xavier 1955 almnus Dr. Robert McDonald, Jr. provided funds for this project. His gift is to assist Xavier University faculty in educating their students to “lead lives of solidarity, service, and success” through innovative opportunities to work in kinship with the less served.

“Recognizing that a first step in becoming a good steward of God’s creation is preserving nature,” says Gail Hurst, chair of Xavier’s Criminal Justice Department. “The Criminal Justice Club paired Xavier students with elementary students in Norwood to promote recycling, love of the land and nature and conservation of energy on Earth Day April 22.”

Other projects funded from Dr. McDonald’s gift include: Michael Goldweber, PhD led computer science students to volunteer their skills for socially responsible computing. David Burns, DBA took MBA students in summer 2009 to market literacy in Guatemala. Ginger McKenzie, EdD led graduate students in Education to incorporate a gardening and food component, including creation of a garden, into a summer program in a local elementary school. Students in the English 205 "Mass Consumption" course of Stephen Yandell, PhD read novels focusing on consumerism and greed.

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