Mr. Bigshot and Xavier University"s Williams College of Business Teach Cov Cath Students about Stocks and the Economy

January 24, 2012

Xavier University’s Williams College of Business (WCB) welcomes about 25 high school students from Covington Catholic High School to its Evanston Campus Fifth Third Trading Center this Saturday, Jan. 28 as part of the community outreach initiative for Xavier’s trading center.

In November, WCB entered into a partnership with Covington Catholic to help them start a stock club and teach the students about the finance profession as well as learn what is offered at Xavier in terms of education and opportunities. Through the corporate partnership with Bloomberg LP, the Fifth Third Trading Center of the Williams College of Business is the largest Bloomberg-equipped university in the country. Bloomberg is the state of the art industry leader for research, news and analytics for the finance profession.

On Saturday, students will spend the day learning about the stock market, economics, and how to analyze a company to select stocks. The day will end with a tournament game of Mr. Bigshot. This was one of the winners of Xavier’s X-LAB competition last semester, created by Courtney Tudor. On his website, Tudor says, “Playing Mr. Bigshot drives home two important lessons when it comes to investing: 1) Don't hang on to a losing stock hoping that it will recover some day. Sell that loser stock and switch into a winning stock. 2) Don't buy a stock based on its name or hype. Look at the fundamentals before buying a stock. Keep these two key points in mind and you'll be successful at Mr. Bigshot and at real life investing.”

10:00 – 10:45 am Stafford Johnson, PhD, interim dean of WCB will provide an overview of the stock market and its operation
11:00 – 11:45 am Keith Rennekamp, CFA, associate portfolio manager at Fifth Third Private Bank, will discuss equity analysis and selecting stocks
1:00 – 1:45 pm After lunch Mary Beth Shagena, director of the Fifth Third Trading Center, will give an overview of the tools used, including the Center’s Bloomberg terminals
2:00 3:45 pm Students will play Mr. Bigshot, the game developed by Courtney Tudor which was a winner of Xavier’s X-LAB (Launch-a-Business) Competition this year.

Going forward, WCB will help the students connect with the finance community to help them arrange speakers and plan field trips.