Master of Health Services Administration Third Most Engaged in the Nation

April 16, 2013

Xavier University’s Master of Health Services Administration program has been rated by MHA Guide as the third most engaged alumni association in the United States, ahead of such schools as Cornell, University of Southern California, Ohio State and Penn State.

“While all of our alums are important to Xavier University,” says Dr. Nancy Linenkugel, director of Xavier’s Graduate HSA program, “they’re particularly important to our MHSA and BSHSA program students for networking, internship opportunities, administrative residency opportunities, overall support, and financial contributions. Special thanks go to our current alumni association president, Mark Hannahan ’79, who was tireless in making sure MHA Guide had the full picture of how engaged our alums are.”

Xavier’s MHSA degree was established in 1958 and is the seventh oldest master’s degree still awarded at Xavier. It has been accredited continuously since 1968, the first opportunity to become so, and has 1,500 living alumni.

The 2013 Top 25 Most Engaged MHA Alumni Groups rates programs to provide insight into how active the school, students, and alumni are on social networks. Ultimately this is important because it shows the level of engagement these schools have with respect to the alumni of their school. MHA Guide feels the excellent programs have an impact on the ways alumni choose to stay connected. The formula took into account the number of participating alumni in the program’s alumni Linkedin group, whether the program had a dedicated alumni association for MHA Graduates, a dedicated alumni website, a dedicated alumni newsletter, and an alumni Facebook group.

“We are proud of these programs for maintaining some of the highest academic standards, while still finding time to allow open communication with students, alumni, and the public,” says Alex Ryan, editor of the MHA Guide.

Xavier’s MHSA program has 492 LinkedIn members. The program also has an exceptional alumni association, dedicated alumni events, and newsletters. Xavier's communication options with alumni allow alumni, current students, and faculty to interact on an ongoing basis.

The #1 school is the University of Houston Clear Lake (with 523 LinkedIn alumni) and #2 is the University of Minnesota (with 494).