Living a Theology of the Land

January 22, 2011

Xavier University and Grailville will offer a unique experiential land-based seminar on experiencing the earth as primary sacred and sacramental reality from July 31 to August 6, 2011. The program will be led by theologian and biologist Leon Chartrand, PhD, and Grail program co-founders Elizabeth Robinson and Kathleen Sellers. Other presenters and guest speakers include:

Xavier University:
Leon Chartrand, PhD, visiting faculty in ethics, ecology and theology
Gillian Ahlgren, PhD, professor of theology
Elizabeth Groppe, PhD, associate professor of theology
Rosie Miller, OSF, instructor in theology

The Grail/Grailville
Elizabeth Robinson, BFA, RN, artist, program co-founder
Kathleen Sellers, MTS - program co-founder
Steve Edwards, BBA - Farmer, CSA at Grailville
Pauletta Hansel, MEd, MFA - Grailville co-director, poet, teacher and author of two collections of poetry.
Mary Lu Lageman, MS Agriculture, Grailville farm activities coordinator, permaculture design consultant and teacher
Trina Paulus, BFA - Author of Hope for the Flowers, agricultural activist, artist

Through story and shared experience, participants will explore how experiencing the land, Christian mystical tradition, ritual, phenomenology, the arts and cosmology inform a living theology. Living a Theology of the Land will open pathways of guidance toward more meaning-filled, viable living on earth. The seminar will be led at Grailville, 300 acres of organic gardens, woods, a constructed wetland, labyrinth, pastures, ponds, creeks and simple, beautiful interior spaces in Loveland, Ohio. Grailville is the headquarters of The Grail in the United States, which has played a critical role in the history of the Liturgical and Rural Life movements in the U.S. Today, The Grail is an international women’s movement that envisions a world of peace, justice and renewal of the earth.

The seminar is offered for graduate, undergraduate, continuing education credit and audit through Xavier University. Students and life learners of theology, philosophy, environmental studies, and related fields are especially encouraged to apply.

Fees include meals, supplies, and program costs (including course credit and lodging, as applicable).
Payable to Grailville:
$900 residential fee or $750 commuter fee (non-refundable deposit to Grailville required)
Payable to Xavier University:
$1,200 for 3 undergraduate credit hours.
$1,215 for 3 graduate hours
$300.00 for Audit and continuing education

For more information, please contact Dr. Leon Chartrand at 307-690-2994 or at To learn more about Grailville, visit