Introducing XUET's New Members!

| September 10, 2012

  With the start of the 2012-2013 behind us the Xavier Equestrian Team has recruited 6 new members to the team. Bethany Barlow (FR), Jaclynn Hipp (SO), Jammie Jackson (FR), Emma Lastowski (FR), Julia Lowe (FR), and Amy Sullivan (SO), are the newest members of XUET. They have brought more experience and excitement to the team. Currently, the roster has a total of 16 names listed, a high number compared to the 3 members the team consisted of 3 years back in 2009.



                   Jaclynn Hipp  (Sophomore)


        "Xavier Equestrian Team has given me the opportunity to meet other girls on campus who share my passion for riding horses and this team has turned into a sort of family that has helped formed lasting friendships between me and my teammates. This club gives us all a chance to get off campus and enjoy time at Honey Tree Stables, where our awesome Coach Sarah, has encouraged us to be confident riders. I feel honored to represent Xavier when i walk into the show ring along side my teammates. This team has made all the difference in my experience here at XU."  


        Amy Sullivan (Sophomore)

       "Getting involved with the team has brought together my two loves- horses and Xavier.  Being a part of the team has not only helped me feel more connected to xavier, but I've had so many incredibly fun experiences with a great group of friends!"


     Bethany Barlow (Freshman)

   “My favorite part of being on the Xavier Equestrian Team is meeting new people and making friends at x! I love spending time at the stables too!” 


Welcome to the Team Bethany, Jaclynn, Jammie, Emma, Julia, and Amy!