Immigration Reform March For America

Rabbi at Xavier one of 13 faith leaders nationally leading call for reform | March 19, 2010

Cincinnati, OH -- A broad coalition of religious organizations will bring thousands of people to Washington, DC, this Sunday for a powerful demonstration of their unified support for just, humane immigration reform that keeps families together. The faith community will be joined by civil rights, immigrant, family and labor groups in organizing this massive mobilization. With their partnership, the March For America: Change Takes Courage and Faith will bring tens of thousands of people to Washington on March 21, 2010.

Rabbi Abie Ingber, founding director of Xavier University’s Office of Interfaith Community Engagement, is one of 13 faith leaders nationally chosen to work in Washington and with media about the issue of immigration reform. An immigrant himself and the son of Holocaust survivors forced to become immigrants after their homes were stolen from them, Ingber feels very strongly about the issue. He is available to give local perspective on the issue and the national march at 513-646-2924.

The launch last month of "Together, Not Torn: Families Can't Wait for Immigration Reform," included delivery of hundreds of thousands of pro-reform postcards to Members of Congress and more than 100 events in communities across the country. Religious groups have chartered buses and organized housing for thousands to attend the March For America. Originally planned to coincide with Ecumenical Advocacy Days, an annual faith-based conference dedicated this year to immigration issues, the march continues the faith community's longtime commitment to reform and urges political leaders to act on the issue this year. The faith community's online hub for organizing people of faith to attend the march is

People of faith will not stand by as a broken immigration system rips families apart, and anger, frustration and misunderstanding divide the nation. With the March For America, faith communities across America will stand up for families and communities to create the moral urgency political leaders need to address this pressing issue, because change takes courage and faith.