Free Webinar Tutorial of its American Dream Composite Index

October 6, 2011

Last week, Xavier University’s Williams College of Business launched the American Dream Composite Index, the only statistically validated measure of the American Dream and a predictor of future consumer behavior. This Monday, October 10, at 1:30 pm EST, the creators of the ADCI will provide a 30-minute webinar tutorial on how to use the tool. To webinar is free for all participants.

The ADCI reveals the extent to which people living in the U.S. achieve the American Dream, and allows organizations in many fields, including but not limited to, housing, automotive, finance, insurance, retail, and policy, to understand consumer behavior and sentiment that paints a comprehensive picture of American society. The ADCI is based on a survey administered to a randomly stratified national sample of at least 1,000 adults representative of the U.S. population. By tracking different dimensions of the ADCI, businesses can adapt their operations, capital expenditure, employment, marketing, and other decisions affecting their bottom lines.
Researchers at Xavier have quantified the American Dream based on 35 dimensions, which include: economic factors such as home ownership, financial security, and job characteristics; personal well-being factors such as family and friends, leisure, and happiness; societal factors such as trust in government, justice, civic participation; diversity factors; and the physical environment.

Monthly subscribers receive index access prior to the public release of the data, and can customize the information based on demographic details