Faculty book: Korros, Saluting Aron Gurevich

Alexandra Korros, Professor of History, recently co-edited and contributed an essay to a book of essays in honor of the Russian medieaval historian, Aron Gurevich | December 1, 2010


Saluting Aron Gurevich: Essays in History, Literature and Other Related Subjects. Edited by Yelena Mazour-Matusevich and Alexandra S. Korros. Leiden: Brill, 2010. 978 90 04 18650 7. $199.00



Aron Gurevich was a towering figure of twentieth century medieval historical research. This extraordinarily rich and multifaceted volume presents provides a comprehensive introduction to this great scholar’s life and work. These thoughtful essays demonstrate not only the deep Russian roots of Aron Gurevich’s thought but how he developed his own independent vision of the past in dialogue with pre-revolutionary Russian forms of German Neo-Kantianism, the Tartu-Moscow school of semiotics, and the heritage of Mikhail Bakhtin. Much more than a traditional Gedenkschrift , the editors have provided us with a first rate document in the intellectual history of twentieth century Russia and Europe.
Patrick Geary, President, Medieval Academy of America
Distinguished Professor of History, UCLA

Contributors are Peter Burke, Andrew Cowell, Charles J. Halperin, Eve Levin, Eva Osterberg, Harbans Mukhia, Michael Richter, Svetlana Luchitskaya, Roger Markwick, Boris Stepanov, Thomas Izbicki, Jean Pierre Delville, Alexandra Korros, and Yelena Mazour-Matusevich.