Do you want to study abroad in Australia one summer?

If you meet the qualifications you can do so at a VERY reasonable price! | March 22, 2011

            Study abroad in Australia will take place during the summer months (winter term in Australia) at Southern Cross University, under the auspices of the School of Education. The two students selected will be the first to initiate a new alliance with Southern Cross University and K-12 educators in Australia. Students will have the unique opportunity to create an individualized study plan for (1-3) elective credits. It is recommended that prospective students meet with their advisor and/or the professor dedicated to a particular discipline, such as literacy, math, science, etc. to discuss study ideas prior to constructing a proposal.

             Travel costs (airfare to and from Australia), housing in a private residence, and meals will be provided by Xavier University and Southern Cross University. For more information, go to
            Two students will be selected to study in Australia from June 22nd to August 5th. The first few weeks of the experience students will visit K-12 schools. After July 4th, Xavier students will attend university classes and engage in learning with Australian peers at Southern Cross. Transportation to and from the local schools and the University will be provided.
            Optional travel in Australia may take place after August 1st. Participants are responsible for their own travel and housing if they opt to remain in Australia for additional travel experiences.
Please click here for the eligibility criteria and application.