Dean Malekzadeh Tells Journalists to Keep Asking Questions about the Economy

| March 26, 2010

Ali Malekzadeh, dean of the Williams College of Business, encouraged business journalists to keep digging to find stories that need to be told about the economy.

Two areas that need more reporting are health care and higher education, he said.

Williams College of Business faculty members are available to help tell those stories. “I have a professor who wrote a book this thick on derivatives,” Malekzadeh said, holding his hands a few inches apart. “He would love to talk to you about it.”

Because of the recession, the U.S. economy is $1 trillion smaller than it was a couple years ago. He told the journalists to find out how that’s affecting local and state governments who have to cut back on services.

Malekzadeh, who was raised in Iran, said he has a special appreciation for U.S. journalists and how they hold government officials and others accountable. “I come from a totalitarian government. I understand the value of what you do. The only reason those folks get away with it is because people like you aren't asking questions.”

Malekzadeh spoke to about 150 journalists at the annual conference of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in Phoenix. Also appearing on the panel were syndicated personal finance columnist Kathy Kristof and Arizona State University economist Stephen Happel. John Wasik, a freelance business writer and author, moderated the session.

Malekzadeh prepared a handout with tips for the journalists. It’s available by contacting Daun Seitz in the Dean’s Office at or 513-745-3528.