Currito Burrito to Open at Xavier University

February 18, 2011

Currito Burritos without Borders will open on the Xavier University (Cincinnati) campus in August as part of the University’s new residence/dining hall complex located at the corner of Ledgewood and Herald.

“We are excited to bring an A-list restaurant like Currito to campus,” says Tom Barlow, director of auxiliary services.

Currito will occupy a 2,400 square-foot space at the northeast corner of the complex and include an outdoor patio and seating for up to 75 people. The restaurant will feature a menu ranging from burritos to smoothies.

“We offer a wide variety of healthy options as well as an international choice of flavors,” says Joe Lanni, Currito co-founder and president of development.  “Offering such a variety makes this concept a really good fit for campus.”

Currito, based in Hamilton, OH, is a concept dreamt up by Joe and John Lanni, sons of Great Steak & Potato Company founder Nick Lanni. After selling the 254-restaurant sandwich and fries chain they started Currito in 2004. Currito currently operates 14 restaurants in eight states.

Two other family-owned, local businesses are already operating on Xavier’s campus: Coffee Emporium and The Blue Gibbon Chinese restaurant. The Subway in Gallagher Student Center is also locally owned. “We work to strengthen our ties to the community by partnering with family-owned, local businesses,” says Barlow. 

Lanni says the Xavier location will become an epicenter for the corporation. “We will use the Xavier location as a training center for franchisees,” he explained. Currito will also provide employment opportunities for Xavier students and will assist the University in its sustainability efforts.  According to Lanni, green material will be incorporated into the design of the Xavier Currito.

Xavier students were very involved in the decision to bring Currito to campus.  Xavier Student Government (SGA) president senior Kevin Contreta, along with SGA senators, sophomore Jimmy Geiser and junior Andrea Goodrich, and other SGA members toured Currito’s location on Calhoun Street. They also spoke with Lanni and prepared an evaluation of Currito for Barlow.

Currito will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Thursdays through Saturday.