Construction Fences Go Up

Fencing marks beginning of Hoff Quad construction | July 24, 2008

Workers put up construction fencing along Ledgewood.

Workers put up construction fencing along Ledgewood.

Construction fences went up early Tuesday morning (July 22). The fences are along the east and west side of Ledgewood, just north of Dana Avenue. The sidewalk on the west side of Ledgewood is now closed as is the sidewalk on the north side of Dana.

The houses behind the fencing are scheduled to be removed in the next few weeks.

Some of the former home owners requested the opportunity to salvage materials and items before the demolition.  Those requests have been honored. 

In addition,  Xavier's Physical Plant has gone through the houses and salvaged some items for future use by Xavier.  Xavier also contracted with a Cincinnati-based architectural antique dealer, The Wooden Nickle, to salvage what they deemed was of value.

The company contracted to do the demolition will also be performing some salvaging prior to demolition.    As part of the demoltion, Xavier is asking that up to 90% of the materials to be recycled.  Weights will be collected as part of Xavier's LEED process.