Changes at Xavier's Business College

| September 15, 2009


The Williams College of Business at Xavier University announces the following:
Jen Bush has been named assistant dean for graduate programs. She has worked her way up at Xavier since joining the University in 1993. She earned a Master's of Education in agency and community counseling while employed as a clerk. She moved into the MBA office in enrollment, and moved to director of MBA Programs, senior executive director and now her position as assistant dean. Her foresight in creating programs that work for adult students, especially women with families, has earned her a nomination for a 2009 Athena Award. She lives in Milford.
Ginny Frings is the new coordinator of the Sedler Entrepreneurship Center. She has been at Xavier since 2007 as a visiting professor of accountancy. A survivor of a head-on collision with a driver going the wrong way on the interstate, she was not expected to survive, but learned to walk again. She used that experience to launch a successful career as a motivational speaker. This fall at Xavier, she is teaching a class with the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH). It discusses corporate social responsibility, occupational safety and health, employee wellness & health promotion and environmental stewardship. Students examine management theory and key elements of successful programs utilizing unique measures for conducting occupational safety & health cost benefit analyses. She lives in Anderson.
Stafford Johnson is the director of the Center for Applied Finance, a new center within the College. He has been a professor of finance at Xavier since 1982. His research focuses on option pricing, bonds and debt management, efficient gambling markets, monetary theory, and international economics. He has authored or co-authored 44 academic articles, appearing in Applied Economics, Journal of Financial Education, International Review of Economics & Business, Journal of Economics, and The Financial Review. Johnson teaches undergraduate and MBA classes in investments, options and futures markets, and debt markets. He was the recipient of the Delta Sigma Pi Teacher of the Year Award in 1996 and 1998.  He lives in Florence.