Cell Phone and Tablet Safety Tips

January 16, 2014

Cell phone, IPad, Tablet PC

Safety Tips

  • Never leave your property unattended, keep it with you.
  • Make sure to record serial numbers and identifiers for the property and keep the numbers in a safe place.

  • Make sure to register your device with a tracking program to assist you in finding it if it is lost or stolen.  Turn your location functions on so the device can be seen by the software. This cannot be done after the device is missing.  You do not need a cellular connection for this service. These programs are available at the App stores for your individual device.

    • Apple products use the ICloud find my IPhone App

    • Android products use  Locate My Droid

    • Microsoft products use FollowMee

  • If possible have the device engraved with your name.

  • Use a unique pass code when locking the device; try to stay away from common numbers or words like 1111 or password.