Campus Office Thefts 07/13 - 10/13

October 30, 2013


Xavier University Public Safety Notice
Campus Safety There’s Nothing More Important
513-745-1000 Emergency
513-745-2000 Non-Emergency
Date: 07/13 - 10/13
Incident Type: Campus Office Thefts
Respondents: XUPD, Cincinnati PD
Incident Summary:
Over the past few months the campus has experienced three incidents where departmental sub master or master office keys have been stolen and used to access individual offices. This has resulted in the theft of both University and personal property.
We believe that at least two of these incidents were committed by the same group of neighborhood juveniles. A confession has been obtained and charges filed in one of the cases and a suspect has been identified in the most recent incident.
The juveniles enter buildings looking for unattended desks or keys that are stored in open areas. They then return at a later time using the stolen keys to access offices to commit thefts. In each of the most recent incidents the keys were kept in unlocked desks drawers for ease of use by the department.
Safety Reminder
·       All keys should be stored in a secure location at all times. This could include a properly secured lockbox or a locked desk drawer. An unlocked desk drawer is not adequate, even if it is in a locked office.
·       Department heads should take steps to determine the number and location of departmental sub master and master keys issued for their area. This number should be kept to the bare minimum needed for each department.
·       Building Coordinators should ensure that there is an updated list of building sub master and master keys for their building including owners and locations.
·       Report any missing keys, suspicious person or incident immediately to Campus Police.
Xavier will endeavor to inform students of matters which we become aware of through reliable sources that we in our discretion think merit informing. PSNs are not substitutes for the AlertMe Timely Warnings, nor are PSNs a substitute for students acting cautiously/responsibly and using media and other means the general population uses to become informed and aware of community issues and concerns.