3-06-2014 Assault and Robbery Near the Manor House Suspect Apprehended

March 6, 2014

Xavier University Public Safety Notice

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513-745-1000 Emergency

513-745-2000 Non-Emergency



Date: 3-6-2014

Time: 4:14 P.M..

Location: Manor House Apartments

Address: 3855 Ledgewood Dr.

Incident Type: Update on Robbery

Respondents: Xavier Police and Cincinnati Police

Incident Summary: 

Update:  The suspect was apprehended by Xavier and Cincinnati Police at 4:14 P.M..

A student was assaulted and robbed on the Residential Mall near the Manor House.  The suspect was last seen running away from campus toward Victory Parkway.

Safety Reminder

Xavier Police would like to remind the Xavier community to report on campus suspicious activity to the Xavier Police at 513-745-1000 or off campus call 911.

Xavier will endeavor to inform students of matters which we become aware of through reliable sources that we in our discretion think merit informing.  PSNs are not substitutes for the AlertMe Timely Warnings, nor are PSNs a substitute for students acting cautiously/responsibly and using media and other means the general population uses to become informed and aware of community issues and concerns.