12-06-10 Off Campus Burglaries

| December 7, 2010


Off Campus Burglaries

Norwood Police Detectives are currently investigating three (3) off-campus burglaries of Xavier students' houses in the City of Norwood.  According to police officials, two (2) houses on Hudson Avenue and one (1) house in Cleneay Avenue were broken into between November 23-28, during Thanksgiving Break.  Forced entry was gained through the front doors of the residences. Electronic equipment including game boxes, video games, lap tops, small TVs, jewelry and musical instruments were taken during the thefts.

Tips to Protect Property

Police recommend the following tips when packing up to leave for break.

  1. Take all valuables with you when you go home.  This includes electronic equipment including game boxes, video games, lap tops, small TVs, jewelry.
  2. Let you neighbors know when you are leaving and when you are returning. They can help you keep an eye on your property when you are away.
  3. Lock your bedroom door before you leave.
  4. Make sure the last housemate to leave locks the exterior of the house including all doors and windows.
  5. Use a timer to operate a few lights when you are away to create the illusion that someone is home.
  6. Stop mail and newspaper deliveries. Burglars see these items piling up, that is a clue that no one is home.
  7. Make sure to leave an emergency number with you landlord or neighbor just in case.