09-12-10 R-2 Theft from Auto

| September 20, 2010

Three Xavier police officers are being recognized for the arrest of two men suspected of breaking into cars on the University campus and in surrounding neighborhoods.

XU Sgt. Larry Thomas was patrolling the R-2 lot early Saturday morning after a report that two cars located in that lot had been broken into. At around 4:52 a.m. he noticed an older model Ford van parked in the lot with the engine running.

When the van pulled out of the lot Sgt. Thomas initiated a traffic stop. Sgt. Adrian Fuller and Officer Jennifer Petachi assisted in the stop. Sgt. Thomas noticed a variety of electronic and stereo equipment in plain view on the passenger front seat and the floor board of the vehicle. Also in sight was a Garmin GPS unit. The two men were arrested for theft and possession of criminal tools.

Norwood Police assisted with an inventory of the van. More than twenty other items were found in the van including other GPS units, stereos, and Ipods. It was later confirmed that that the Garmin GPS unit recovered in the van was stolen from one of the cars that had been broken into earlier. Several of the other GPS units had been reported stolen from car break-ins around the community.

All three officers will receive Letters of Commendation for their outstanding actions from Xavier Police Chief Michael Couch.