Xavier is included among 177 schools ranked nationally for alumni success by the new Alumni Factor

Xavier is one of 20 regional schools included in the rankings | September 10, 2012

A new set of college rankings that looks at the success of alumni includes Xavier at 90th among 177 schools in the United States overall. The Alumni Factor is the first to use alumni data to grade schools based on how successful their graduates are in their careers and their lives, rather than how popular schools are among incoming freshmen and current students.

Xavier was one of only 177 schools ranked in the U.S. and one of eight Ohio schools included in the report. Xavier ranked seventh among 20 regional universities.

According to the description about Xavier by The Alumni Factor:

“This is an excellent school whose star is rising—and that elevation is well-deserved. Ranked an impressive 18th among all colleges and universities in the college experience, Xavier grads are well-developed on all fronts. Ranked 22nd in preparation for career success and 29th in immediate job opportunities, Xavier well prepares its graduates to succeed in a wide variety of fields. Couple that with strong social and communication skills (24th) and an intense academic experience (61st in intellectual development) laced with Jesuit values (ninth in spiritual development), and the result is a happy (57th in overall happiness) and successful graduate.”

Most rankings today provide a view of what life is like as an undergraduate and give insight into who comes into the college. Alumni Factor says it is more interested in who comes out.

“Our aim is to understand how well a college or university actually develops and shapes its students, and what becomes of them after they graduate,” it says. “We want to pierce the bubble of reputation to understand how graduates actually perform post-graduation—and hear what they have to say about the job their college did to prepare them.”

Xavier placed ahead of schools such as Columbia University and Johns Hopkins. It is one of 12 Jesuit universities included in the rankings. For a complete listing of all 177 schools, visit the Alumni Factor’s website.