"All For One" Battalion hosts Best Ranger Competition

April 16, 2012

The Xavier University Army Reserve Officer Training Corps “All for One” Battalion will host a regional Best Ranger competition on April 21 at Xavier’s Armory, Withrow High School, and Mt. Airy Forest. This is the 13th year for the competition. It gives a good look into some of what those who defend our country are called to do.

Mirrored after the U.S. Army’s Best Ranger competition, this day-long challenge tests two-member Cadet teams in a series of events, including an Army physical fitness test, one rope bridge, hand grenade assault course, land navigation, marksmanship and patrolling, and culminates in a ruck march through Mt Airy Forest.

“The Xavier Best Ranger Competition brings together some of the best Cadets from the area to test their mettle against one another,” says LTC Shane Ousey, commander of Xavier’s battalion. “It is a long day of intense competition, but more importantly it gives the Cadets a chance to bond and network with other Cadets who will become their future Second Lieutenant Army peers.”

The event is organized and run entirely by the Xavier ROTC Cadets with oversight from the Military Science Cadre. It serves not only as competition but also as training for future Army Officers of the All For One Battalion. Xavier has won the event nine out of twelve years and looks to continue that tradition this year. Xavier University is this year’s defending champion.

Eleven universities from five states are sending 29 teams to participate: Austin Peay University, East Tennessee State University, Ohio University, Indiana University, University of Dayton, Michigan State University, University of Louisville, Eastern Kentucky University, Vanderbilt University, Purdue University and of course, Xavier. Cadets will compete for the coveted title of “Best Ranger.”