"Uncensored" Wins National Award

March 27, 2012

Xavier University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and Career Services Center received the Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators’ (JASPA) Best Program of the Year Award, given to only one program from among all 28 Jesuit colleges and universities.

“Uncensored” is a professional development series which teaches diverse students valuable workplace skills while helping them achieve success in graduate or professional school, the public sector, and business. The program was created when it was noticed that some students were not taking advantage of professional development opportunities on campus. Conversations revealed the students perceived that the Career Services Center was for job placement only, not preparation. This perception was higher among first generation students, students of color and non-traditional students. Corporations in a global society value diversity and multiculturalism is critical to their success, so having early access to talented multicultural students was important to them, too. The events always focus on diversity and presenters share their stories, facts and tips in an uncensored manner.

“Uncensored” offers a safe place where students and employers can exchange information without detriment to future opportunities. It enhances Xavier’s reputation for producing multicultural students who are confident, competent, credible, and committed to excellence. Formal and informal mentor relationships are created between alumni and local professionals and students.

The program is open to all Xavier students - undergraduate, graduate and non-traditional and is offered four times a year.