Coaches Hold Cookout for Team

Cookout was at Lake Laurelei | September 13, 2011

 This past Saturday, several players and Coach Driscoll and Coach Sperrick got together on Lake Lauerlei to have a cookout before the season begins tonight with the first practice of the year. Players and coaches played volleyball and then took turns going out on the boat and jet ski. Players also went tubing on the boat which everyone enjoyed. After some fun it was time to eat and get together and shoot the breeze. After eating everyone got together to go over some business related items and people began to go back home. It was a great time and everyone really enjoyed it. "It was a lot of fun to hang out with the new guys and coaches outside of a hockey setting and just relax before heading into the season," said Senior Defenseman Connor Barnes. Xavier Ice Hockey would like to thank fellow player Nate Han and the Han family for allowing us to use their lake house, boat, and jet ski. We would also like to thank them for all the delicious food at the cookout. Xavier Ice Hockey hopes this tradition will continue for years to come. Just a reminder the first Home Game for the Musketeers in October 1st at the Gardens against NKU.