School of Nursing advances as a national leader in holistic nursing with renewed endorsement

It's one of 13 programs in the nation recognized for its holistic teaching | June 22, 2011

The School of Nursing has received renewed endorsement from the American Holistic Nurses’ Certification Corporation of all its programs including, for the first time, the Master of Science in Nursing. The entire school is now recognized as a leader in the nation for teaching holistic nursing.

Xavier is one of only 13 nursing schools in the nation to have this endorsement, which will be up for renewal in 2016. Endorsement entitles all undergraduate and pre- and post-licensure graduate nursing students to take the holistic nursing examination, including all 2010-2011 graduates of the bachelor's and master's programs and MIDAS and RN-MSN. It also gives them the opportunity to be certified as holistic nurses.

The endorsement letter stated that the board found Xavier University does an “excellent job of articulating the holistic nursing philosophy and concepts throughout the curriculum.”

“Faculty in the School of Nursing fully teach to Xavier’s mission statement, which strongly reflects the key elements found in the holistic nurse: intellectual skills necessary for a full life as a consumer as well as service to God; critical attention to the underlying implications of issues; a world view oriented to responsible action and recognition of human values; an understanding and communication of values through personal concern and lived witness, as well as by precept and instruction; and a sense of the whole person—body, mind and spirit,” said Susan M. Schmidt, director and professor/epidemiologist of the School of Nursing.

“New nursing graduates repeatedly report their holistic approach to patient care is uniquely apparent when compared to graduates from other programs, and they are recognized for this expertise throughout their careers.”

The undergraduate community-based program is focused on a health-and-wellness model that educates future nurses in the skills of communication, coordination and cooperation with other health care professionals so as to give a holistic approach to health care delivery with multiple community settings.

Xavier offers a Master of Science in Nursing open to baccalaureate-, associate-, or diploma-prepared nurses. Students may specialize in administration, education, forensics, healthcare law or school health nursing. Registered Nurses in the MSN program may opt for a dual master’s degree with education, business or criminal justice. Those with a baccalaureate in a field other than nursing can earn a Master of Science in Nursing through the MIDAS program.

Xavier nursing graduates are well-respected in the health care community as knowledgeable, professional and ethical, and prepared to excel in meeting current and future challenges in health care delivery.