Barnes and Bauer Honored as ACHA Academic All Americans

Both Juniors Have GPAs over 3.5 | March 22, 2011

 The ACHA announced its list of Academic All Americans today and two Xavier University players were among those selected. Connor Barnes, a junior from St. Louis, with a gpa of 3.7 and Joe Bauer, also a junior from Rochester, with a gpa of 3.9 both earned this prestigious honor. Only upperclassman are eligible otherwise it is likely more Muskies would have been selected. Given the nature of Club Sports, the student athlete is well aware that their careers do not include professional sports. However, the time commitment, effort and dedication are no different than an NCAA athlete. Barnes and Bauer both have demonstrated the difficult task of high performance both on the ice and in the classroom can be attained.

“This is the highest honor that any player of mine could ever attain. Success on the ice is of course important but this is about learning how to manage two important but sometimes competing responsibilities. If you can demonstrate the ability to do that as a student athlete, it will no doubt carry over into life after college” said coach Driscoll. He went on to say “aside from the caliber of player and student these two are, they are just great kids. It is genuinely a pleasure to have them on the team.” Bauer and Barnes will both graduate in the Spring of 2012 with degrees in Finance and Athletic Training respectively. Perhaps coach Sperrick said it best “these two guys really get it – they understand that giving everything 100% is the only way to go about your business.”