Xavier Police Sign Concurrent Jurisdication Agreements with Cincinnati and Norwood Police Departments

| March 14, 2011

Xavier Police, a state certified police agency under Ohio Law, now have the authority to patrol off-campus streets where students frequently travel as a result of new concurrent jurisdiction agreements with Cincinnati and Norwood Police Departments.  Concurrent Jurisdiction was a recommendation made by the Safety Team.

A concurrent police jurisdiction is a written memorandum of understanding which provides Xavier Police with police powers and authority within the cities of Cincinnati and Norwood as defined under state laws and city ordinances.

The collaboration between the three departments will enhance safety both on and off campus.

Xavier Police completed a training and implementation program focused on the new policies of the agreements.  The training also included supervisors from the Cincinnati and Norwood Police Departments.  

Xavier University Police Department is located in Flynn Hall and may be contacted at 745-2000 (main number); 745-1000 (emergency number).