The Great Debate being held at Xavier highlights contributions from students at local universities

The debate takes place in the Gallagher Student Center theater | January 28, 2011

Students from Xavier University, Central State University and The University of Cincinnati are coming together on Friday, Feb. 4, to debate and showcase their musical and artistic talents.

The Great Debate is an exercise promoting the highest cultural, intellectual, moral, philosophical and spiritual principles of leadership, debates and artistic expressions. The debate is being held at 7:00 p.m. in the Gallagher Student Center Theater on the Xavier campus.

The event includes thought-provoking debate, authentic dancing, musical performances and dramatic interpretations featuring the talents and collaborative energy of the area’s best and brightest students. The topic of the debate is “The Mis-education of a Generation: Are we producing 21st century leadership or life-long needership?”

The Great Debate has been held in Nashville, Tenn., since 1985 as an intellectual and cultural forum debating topical issues from the perspectives of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and a synthesis of the two perspectives. The Great Debate has engaged campus, community, government and business leaders through this unique approach to addressing relevant issues of the day. Its goal is to increase audiences’ respect, understanding and justice through study, debate and practice.