2010 Safety Team Recommendations to be Implented; 2011 Safety Team to be Formed

| December 6, 2010

Xavier University 2010 Safety Team Recommendations to be Implemented

2011 Safety Team to be Formed



Developing a culture of safety and making continual improvements to safety of Xavier University is a top priority on campus. In February 2010, in an effort to develop a more inclusive approach to on-campus and near-campus safety, the Vice President for Financial Administration Beth Amyot formed a University-wide and community oriented ad hoc Safety Team.  The Safety Team was charged with providing recommendations to maintain and improve safety on-campus and near-campus and with actively communicating Xavier’s safety record and programs.


The 2010 Safety Team had broad representation from Xavier students, faculty, staff, and administration. The team also included three captains from Cincinnati and Norwood Police departments. The team was lead by Director for Administrative Services Dan Schloemer and Dean of Students Luther Smith and included 22 participants, listed at the end of this announcement.


After seven months of hard work, the Safety Team presented a series of recommendations to maintain our strong safety results and further improve campus safety. The recommendations were then evaluated and further developed to include strategies for implementation.  As a result of all this work, nine specific initiatives were identified for priority implementation over a five-year period.  In addition, several other initiatives were identified for further study. Please see the attachment below for specific recommendations from the Safety Team.


The work of the first Safety Team – the 2010 Safety Team - is yielding results. Work is proceeding to implement the nine proposals, and we will post semi-annual progress reports on the safety web site to inform the campus community.   In all, as a result, Xavier is investing more than $1 million in capital improvements to enhance safety.  We recognize the members of the 2010 Safety Team for their efforts and contributions to safety.


The emphasis and investment in Xavier’s safety does not stop here. A new Safety Team for 2011 will be formed in the next few weeks.  The charge to the 2011 Safety Team will be four-fold:


  1. To develop recommendations that will foster a culture of safety, a culture that values safety broadly and deeply at Xavier, where a safe campus for all is viewed as an important individual and collective responsibility.
  2. To develop a list of policies or practices that is needed relative to safety.  This list of policies will go beyond crime prevention and expand into areas that may potentially include such matters as international travel, alcohol use on campus, background checks for employees, and more. [Note that the team will not develop the policies themselves, but will create the inventory of policies that are needed.]
  3. To develop specific recommendations for improving safety in the locations near campus where Xavier students live.
  4. To build upon and follow up on recommendations from the 2010 Safety Team.


Individuals who are interested in serving on the 2011 Safety Team are encouraged to relay their interest by sending an email to Beth Amyot at amyotm@xavier.edu.





Here are the 2010 Safety Team recommendations

 which will be or are already being implemented:


1.       Campus Communications: Includes a new safety website, posters, safety fact sheets, e-newsletter articles, video, etc. which convey accurate information about the safety of Xavier’s campus and address known concerns. Efforts will continue to communicate Xavier’s strong safety record and to engage the Xavier community to make safety everyone’s top priority.

2.       Text and Voice Incident Alert Systems (XU AlertMe): Work is progressing on upgrading the XU AlertMe system with new generation technology which will allow more targeted communications in emergency situations.

3.      XUPD Concurrent Jurisdiction with Cincinnati and Norwood Police: Agreements are being developed with the Cincinnati and Norwood Police Departments to give XUPD authority to patrol the neighborhoods adjacent to campus, on specific streets designated by Xavier, particularly streets where Xavier students frequently travel.

4.       Electronic Door Access Systems: Beginning in 2010-11, card access will be significantly expanded on perimeter doors of buildings, thereby improving safety of building occupants.

5.       Building Coordinators: Work is in progress to expand the role of building coordinators to include a stronger emphasis on safety; including delineation of safety duties in job descriptions, provision of initial and refresher safety training, and strengthening lines of communications between safety coordinators, building coordinators, and building occupants with a focus on safety communications.

6.    Employee Safety Training: The department of administrative services will be collaborating with the office of human resources to increase safety training offerings and awareness of existing and new safety resources for faculty and staff.

7.       Emergency Phone Systems: A new standard for emergency phones has been adopted and several additional emergency phones (“blue phones”) have already been installed on campus. These phones provide immediate communication to Xavier Police. Additional phones will be strategically located around campus. Some of these phones are equipped with a mass notification system as well for broadcasting information in case of an emergency.

8.       Campus Lighting Improvements: As the result of a lighting review, upgrades to exterior lighting will be made across campus, notably in selected locations in parking lots and along pedestrian walking paths to improve visibility and safety.

9.       Video Surveillance System:  Work will begin to develop standards, better integrate, and invest in Xavier’s video surveillance system



Several other proposals were noted as under consideration,

with further study needed prior to specific recommendations being made.  They are:


1.       Campus Shuttle: Student Life is working with students to improve the shuttle service. They are also exploring other options such as working with a taxi service. (Further review being coordinated by Luther Smith)

2.       XUPD Dispatch: A new x- 000 phone number was implemented for non-emergency police calls. Further study is being done on a proposal to increase the XUPD Dispatch staff. (Further review being coordinated by Dan Schloemer.)

3.       Residence Hall Desk Coverage: Further study will be done on a proposal to provide student-staff coverage at the main one entrance to each residence facility during the hours Resident Advisors (RAs) are not on duty. (Further review being coordinated by Luther Smith.)

4.       Community Relations: The Community Building Institute is looking for opportunities to work with Xavier’s neighboring communities on safety related matters. Interest has already been expressed by the Evanston Citizens on Patrol. (Further review being coordinated by Pickett Harrington.)




2010 Safety Team Members


  • Daniel Schloemer, Co-chair, Director, Administrative Services
  • Luther Smith, Co-chair, Dean of Students
  • Laurel Bauer, Media Relations Coordinator
  • Bob Cotter, Associate Vice President, Information Resources
  • Mike Couch, Director, Xavier Police
  • Deb Del Valle, Director, Public Relations
  • Diane Fisk, Executive Director, Parent Relations
  • Mark Hanlon, Associate Director of Operations, Physical Plant
  • Pickett Slater Harrington, Community Building Institute
  • Bob Hill, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Printing
  • Angie Kneflin, Assistant Director, Apartments and Off Campus Living
  • Lori Lambert, Director, Residence Life
  • Ali Malekzadeh, Dean, Williams College of Business
  • Aaron Meis, Dean, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Judy Molnar, Director, Technology Support
  • Bill Moran, Associate Director, Auxiliary Services
  • Kat Ryder, Residential student representative
  • Kelly Perkins, Commuter student (surrounding neighborhood) representative
  • Carol Scheerer, Chair/Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy
  • Keith Bellman, Captain – Norwood Police Department
  • Doug Wiesman, Captain, District 2 – Cincinnati Police Department
  • Elliot Isaac, Captain, District 4 – Cincinnati Police Department