P&G Grant Funds New MBA Course in Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability

November 30, 2010

With funding from the Procter & Gamble Fund’s Higher Education Program, assistant professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Rebecca Luce will develop a new course for MBA students at Xavier University, “Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability.” It will cover topics related to corporate social responsibility, and examine the role of a business in its community and with its other stakeholders. The course will also cover topics related to sustainable practices in businesses to leave the earth in as good as or better condition.

Both issues are important in today’s globally competitive environment, requiring top management commitment and clear understanding by middle managers. MBA students need to bring their most creative thinking to address the corporate citizenship and sustainability of their companies to keep them on the cutting edge. The course will encourage students to explore different viewpoints and develop their own mental models.

Students will be armed with knowledge that incorporates concern for the welfare of the communities in which their firms do business as well as the environment in general. Firms based in the Cincinnati area, or wherever Xavier graduates go, will be enriched by the students’ enhanced sensitivity to these issues and the timely data they bring regarding potential impacts of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Students will be well positioned for leadership positions in their companies and for increased effectiveness in making “big picture” decisions.

Luce’s research has examined the relationships required to develop a system of capabilities and knowledge required to effectively do business in a market unfamiliar to many companies. She has included corporate social responsibility, sustainability and base-of- the-pyramid topics in her courses for several years. The Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability course uses the base-of-the-pyramid market as a basis for integrating an interest in “doing well by doing good” and attention paid to the long term effects of doing business. Students will learn the possibilities associated with business in an untapped market while being sensitive to the needs of the people who live at the base of the pyramid by offering products and services to enhance the quality of their lives.