NEXUS Garden Awarded

November 22, 2010

The Norwood-Evanston-Xavier (NEXUS) Community Garden was recognized with two awards at the November 18 Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) Annual Awards Banquet. Taking first in the Mini-Grant category and second in Community-wide Project category, NEXUS was recognized for its far-reaching impact after just one season. Financial awards accompanied the titles, totaling $750 toward future project support.

NEXUS had 60 registered gardeners this season who planted, tended, and harvested from their plots between April and October. This included 26 Norwood and Evanston resident participants and 34 Xavier faculty, staff, and student gardeners. These gardeners worked in teams, building cooperation, skills, and friendships in the process. In addition to hands-on gardeners, the NEXUS 2010 Season of Events drew 220 additional participants to 12 workshops and community building events such as backyard composting, water barrel construction, and canning and preserving as well as friendships in the process.

The NEXUS Community Garden's design and implementation is facilitated by the Garden Steering Committee, made up of members from Norwood, Evanston, and Xavier and the initiative is spearheaded by Xavier’s Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ). In addition to KCB and CFJ, NEXUS is grateful to the following additional offices and organizations for their generous support: Xavier’s Women of Excellence Giving Circle, Urban Harvest, Al Neyer, Inc., Evans Landscaping, Xavier University Physical Plant, and the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati.