XUVBC Newsletter

| October 13, 2010

XUVBC Newsletter
October 13, 2010
By: Mike Czopek

First Thoughts:
Comparing last year’s and this year’s teams, it is easy to see how much improved this year’s team is. At the end of last year, we ended with roughly six guys on our roster and currently this year’s roster stands at a solid dozen. The only problem with this year, is we are still without a coach. Myself, Brandt, and Adam spent countless hours over the summer and this first semester, emailing, calling, and researching coaches in the area and have come to a dead end. We are still constantly emailing and calling, however don’t know where else to look right now. Aside from that, I’ve been impressed with play on the court, as well as the openness to volunteer as a team. Right now, our other big worry aside from a coach is transportation to and from nationals in Houston, Texas. Preliminary estimates put the total cost to the club of taking 10 guys and a coach around $7,000. However, we have also checked out other routes such as taking the Megabus to Chicago, then catching the Amtrak to Houston, then repeating that process back, cutting the cost by about 2 or 3 grand. The problem with that plan is the amount of school we would be missing. All suggestions are welcome and invited! We have multiple fundraisers currently going on and coming up that will help to cut the price as well. Club sports has been working on a complete overhaul of their web page this summer and are building separate web pages for every club team, so hopefully by Thanksgiving break those will be available.

President - Mike Czopek, Vice President - Adam Byrne, Treasurer - Brandt Bernat, Secretary - Nick Tsangaris, Safety Officer - Adam Byrne, Advisor - Dr. Justin Link

What our goals are for this year is to attend 3 tournaments a semester. For this first semester we will be playing at the University of Dayton on October 23rd, volunteering by playing a match against a prison team at Luther-Luckett Correctional Complex in Louisville, Kentucky on November 6th, then traveling to Michigan State University for the Hardwood Classic, one of the biggest tournaments of the year, on November 13-14th. Then, for the second semester, as of right now we have Nationals on the calendar for April 7-9th. We are planning on hosting our own tournament, as well as possibly setting up a Volley For the Cure fundraising tournament with teams in the area.

As I said, I’m impressed with how ready our team is to volunteer. Our volunteering so far this year includes volunteering at the Cincinnati Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament, XU Community Action Day, the Reggae Run, and the XUIM 5K. From these events we have already accumulated 96 hours of service. Also on the schedule for service, we will be playing LLCC on November 6th, which will count as a big service trip for us. In addition, some of us will be volunteering at Reds Fest in December and as a team we are looking to participate in Relay for Life and possibly hosting a Volley for the Cure Tournament.

Currently, we have two fundraisers going on. First is our t-shirt and old jersey sales. T-shirts are on sale for $10 and old Mizuno jerseys on sale for $15. Next is our Domino’s buy one get one free cards. We are selling cards for Domino’s in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area that contain 10 buy one get one free pizza stubs and 2 buy one get one free hoagie stubs. The cards are good through 2012. Basically for $10 you are getting 10 pizzas and 2 Hoagies and we make $8 off of every card sold. On top of those two, we are planning to work concessions at the Cintas Center during events such as basketball and volleyball games and also looking into working concessions at Reds games next season. The tournament we would host would also be considered a fundraiser. Donations are always welcome too :)

Thanks to everyone for the support, it is greatly appreciated.