New English Language Learners Instruction Course Offered This Spring!

October 18, 2010

Spring 2011

“English Language Learner Instruction” (EDEL 362-01, EDEL 562-01)
Tuesday’s, 4:15-6:45PM
This new course in English Language Learner instruction is for teachers at all classroom levels and those interested in learning more about theory and practice in a growing field.
“English Language Learner Instruction” is a three credit hour course offered at the
undergraduate and graduate level for students interested in second language acquisition, cultural transmissions, legal requirements for serving English Language Learners (ELL), exploring state content standard for English language proficiency, and learning methodology such as Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol that content
teachers may utilize in instruction with ELL’s. 
If you would like additional information, please contact April Thomas at or 513-745-3701. Spring semeter begins on January 10, 2011.