Xavier University ROTC Cadet #6 in the Nation

September 28, 2010

Xavier University ROTC Cadet Shaina Cales, of the All For One Battalion, is ranked #6 in the nation out of 5,355 Cadets and has earned recognition as a Distinguished Military Graduate. Cadet Skyler Saito also earned DMG recognition.

Every year, the U.S. Army Cadet Command establishes a National Order of Merit List for all cadets who will be commissioned in that fiscal year. The score is based on GPA, Army physical fitness test scores, and Leadership Development and Assessment testing. This OML score is used to determine to which branch of the Army Cadets will be commissioned, their selection for active or reserve duty or other benefits such as Law or Medical school, and their selection for awards and recognition. In order to be ranked DMG – Distinguished Military Graduate – cadets must place in the top 20% of all cadets.

“CDT Cales continues a long line of excellence extended throughout her college career in the All For One Battalion as she is recognized nationally for exceptional performance,” said Lt. Col. Shane Ousey, All For One Battalion Commander. “She has clearly demonstrated her ability to perform at the highest levels of leadership and academics.”

“CDT Saito’s exceptional performance is a tribute to his hard work in all aspects of his college life,” said Lt. Col. Shane Ousey, All For One Battalion Commander. “He is a superb leader who accepts the toughest challenges and excels at all levels.”

Cales, a Xavier University senior from Brown County, OH, is majoring in marketing. Upon graduation in May, she will serve on active duty as a Signal Officer. She is the daughter of Cynthia and Michael Cales.

Saito, a Xavier senior from Lexington (40503), is majoring in International Studies with a minor in peace studies. He will serve on Active Duty as a Military Intelligence Officer. He is the son of Kozo and Mary Emanuele Saito.