Xavier co-sponsors a seminar for educators and parents focused on preventing bullying

The event takes place on June 17 and 18 at the Mayerson Academy | June 10, 2010

Xavier University is partnering with the Mayerson Academy and DISCO, a school improvement group, to present a seminar focused on reversing the trend of bullying among children. The seminar takes place at Mayerson, 2650 Highland Ave., on Thursday and Friday, June 17 and 18, from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Educators, parent groups, school counselors and others interested in learning how to spot and respond to bullying incidents are encouraged to attend. Cost of the two-day seminar is $275, but special rates are available for groups of five to nine or 10 or more. Pre-registration is required and can be made at the Mayerson web site. For more information, call 513-475-4100.

“Every day, there is a new incident of bullying either locally or nationally where a child was either physically or emotionally damaged, discrimination occurred, or in some cases the student committed suicide,” says Tracy DuEst, MEd, program director of DISCO (Developing Inclusive Schools, Communities, and Organizations).

The first day of the seminar focuses on understanding bullying and developing solutions. Bullying is described as an abuse of power that harms everyone involved—the bullies, their victims, observers, educators, families and community members.

The seminar presents a more nuanced and research-based understanding of the types of school climates and situations that are more conducive to bullying. Strategies for self-awareness and action steps that individuals can take to combat bullying are also being presented. The presentation also includes collaborative and practical team-based strategies for preventing and combating bullying.

The second day offers several sessions on topics related to bullying:

• Understanding and Combating Cyber-bullying
• Teen Dating Violence
• Skillful Use of Data in Combating Bullying
• Working Effectively with Parents/Caregivers
• Combating Bullying in Elementary Schools
• Bully-Proofing the Classroom
• Relational Aggression
• Practical and Effective Strategies for Educators in Intervening with Bullying