Chalk Talk with Head Ice Hockey Coach Dave Reno

Head Ice Hockey Coach Dave Reno discusses the first semester of the 2009-2010 season | December 16, 2009

The ice hockey team is now on break until January when we will play 2 games with the University of Akron at Sports Plus on January 15th and 16th.  With 10 games remaining in our season, the boys currently have a record of 10 wins and 15 losses. It has been a tough year thus far and our remaining schedule is not an easy one, but the coaching staff is confident that we could still finish on the winning side.
The team is greatly improved over last year and the program continues to take positive steps in our objective of being a major competitor in ice hockey.  We purposefully scheduled a tough season with universities that would push our abilities.  When we look at our results, out of the 15 losses we have experienced, we played 6 games with a less that full squad or as we say a short bench.  We have also faced some key injuries and the H1N1 flu was not kind to us.  Another factor we have faced all year is starting off slow.  In many games we fell behind early and just could not catch up to our opponent with the result a loss by only a single goal.
However, when we start strong, it seems no team can beat us.  Our offensive play, for the most part, is solid; our goalkeeping is exceptional; and our overall skill level continues to improve.  As we face our last 10 games of the season, the keys to winning are;

  • Skating harder and faster and being in excellent game condition.
  • We will need to function better as a total team attacking our opponents as a single unit.
  • Our defensive play needs to improve considerably as a team.  There are too many shots being taken against us.
  • And finally, the players will need to dig deep and have a passion to win every game.

Again, we are confident in achieving another successful year.
The coaching staff would like to wish all the players, their families and all of our fans a very “Merry and Joyful Holiday Season”!!