Student Alumni Association hosts inaugural Tuition Runs Out Day to raise awareness of alumni giving

Students hang large price tags around campus | April 20, 2008

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The Student Alumni Association helped educate the student body about the importance of alumni contributions and giving back to the University by hosting Tuition Runs Out Day on April 16. The day included a barbecue and informal information session on the Greenspace with food, entertainment and free T-shirts.

This event was designed to strengthen student awareness of the fact that donors subsidize students' education and to drive home the point that private college administrators so often make when they're criticized for escalating tuition prices: The cost of tuition, even as it rises, still does not reflect the true cost of education, borne by so many others.

"We want to focus on the importance of giving so that when students leave Xavier, they understand the importance of philanthropy and giving back to their alma mater," says Lindsay Jackson, vice president for the Student Alumni Association.

To focus attention on the cost of running the University, students are hanging large price tags around campus with the amount it costs to run certain programs or buy different items and an explanation of how alumni contributions pay for these.

"Tuition Runs Out Day is not meant to belittle the amount that students are contributing," Jackson says. "Rather, it's to educate students about the importance of giving and the economics of the college in hope that they will understand and feel a sense of pride in becoming contributing alumni. Our goal is to emphasize how important donations are to keep the cost of tuition down for Xavier students."