Entrepreneurial Center offers free entrepreneurship boot camp for military veterans

Program is the first in region; training and discussion to be offered | May 1, 2008

To watch a video about the bootcamp click here.

The Xavier Entrepreneurial Center (XEC) is offering a free boot camp for military veterans on May 22, from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 pm., in the Xavier MBA classroom.
The day starts with a self-assessment test and continues with a discussion of the pros and cons of various ways to start a business. Participants are trained in business plan development, including marketing, finance, accounting and operations management. They also participate in a roundtable with veterans who are successful small business owners/executives. Legal and tax issues, government requirements, and financing are also covered. The boot camp ends with a simulation competition.

“The XEC wants to support veterans,” says Daewoo Park, director of the center. “As part of our social entrepreneurship mission, we will help veterans learn techniques and interact with veterans who are successful entrepreneurs.”