Faculty and staff accomplishments

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Presentations and Exhibits

Bruce Miller, managing partner of Xavier’s Center for Corporate Success, was the keynote speaker at the conference Second International Conference on Project Management, held Dec. 6-11, 2007, in Moscow. More than 1,000 participants from 25 countries attended. Miller spoke on "The Right Choice: Making Better Portfolio Management Decisions."

Ronald Quinn, Xavier's director for undergraduate and graduate programs in health, physical education and sports studies, will be the featured guest speaker for the Lehigh Valley Soccer Scholar/Athlete Foundation. He was the head coach at Xavier from 1993 through 2004.

Awards and Honors

Heidrun Schmitzer, assistant professor of physics, was awarded the Cottrell College Science Award funded through the Research Corporation. It is Schmitzer’s second award from this highly competitive national foundation. The Cottrell College Science awards support significant research that contributes to the advancement of science and the professional and scholarly development of faculty and students at undergraduate institutions. Schmitzer's proposal, “Micromanipulation and Microtools: Investigating Self-Regulating Optically Active Elements and Naturally Grown, Optically Driven Rotors,” will support her summer research, as well as the research stipends for two students.


Ginger K. McKenzie, associate professor for the Montessori teacher education program, has been doing research for the past five years at Montessori secondary schools all over the country as well as in Cincinnati at Clark Montessori High School. She recently published her research in an article, "Montessori Secondary Schools: Preparing Today's Adolescents for the Challenges of Tomorrow," in the refereed journal Montessori Life.

Four articles published by Xavier chair/associate professor of criminal justice Kam Wong in the International Journal of the Sociology of Law are among the top 10 most downloaded articles in ScienceDirect TOP25 Hottest Articles for July-September 2007. No author has achieved such a distinction in the past. The articles are: “Studying Policing in China: Some Personal Reflections,” “The USA PATRIOT Act: Some Unanswered Questions,” “The Making of the USA Patriot Act I: The Legislative Process and Dynamics,” and “The Making of the USA PATRIOT Act II: Public Sentiments, Legislative Climate, Political Gamesmanship, Media Patriotism.”