Faculty and Staff accomplishments

See what your peers have been doing | December 14, 2007

Presentations and Exhibits

Tom Hayes, professor of marketing, recently gave the keynote addresses at two international conferences. The first was the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) European Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, where his topic was “The Future of Marketing in Higher Education.” The second was at the American Marketing Association’s 18th Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in San Diego, where his presentation was titled “50 Marketing Mistakes in Higher Education."

Bruce Miller, of the Center for Corporate Success, was the keynote speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Project Management December 6-11 in Moscow, Russia. More than 1,000 participants were anticipated from more than 25 countries, representing corporate, academic and government organizations. Miller will speak on “The Right Choice: Making Better Portfolio Management Decisions.”

David Knutson, chair of the Department of Modern Languages and associate professor of Spanish, appeared at the 49th Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association, in Cleveland, November 8-11. Knutson participated in a special session on collective identity and regional autonomy in contemporary Spanish crime fiction. His article was titled “Madrid's Fearful Future: Energy, Language and Genetics according to Rafael Reig.” He studies a series of novels by new Spanish crime novelist who portrays a Madrid of the future, after the world has run out of oil and a transnational corporation has taken political and economic control of the country.

Xavier had a strong presence at the 82nd annual conference of the Ohio Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (OACRAO) November 7-9:
• President Michael Graham, S.J., was the keynote speaker and addressed the collaborative community venture called STRIVE, which seeks to use the region's many resources to develop educational success for all students from preschool through college.
• Laura Ruwe, assistant registrar, served as vice president for workshops and hosted a workshop covering new developments with FERPA. Luther Smith, dean of students, and Tony Birckhead, director of the McGrath Health and Counseling Center, offered Xavier’s perspectives.
• Allen Cole, registrar, a past president, served as chair of the data management program committee and on the Local Arrangements Committee. He presented a demonstration showing Xavier as a “national model for excellence” with its use of the campus portal and self-service access and functions for students and faculty/advisors.
• Mary Holland, assistant registrar, served on the records and registration program committee, and, along with Ruwe and Cole, presented “Business Continuity Plan Revealed!” where they discussed Xavier’s approach to business continuity and the specifics of the Xavier registrar plan.
• Xavier senior Katie Rapking, a student worker in the Office of the Registrar and the 2007 Ohio student worker of the year, spoke about her 2004 receipt of an OACRAO scholarship and her work in the registrar’s office.

Awards and Honors

Joan Tunningley, Department of Occupational Therapy, received the service award from the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association, recognizing her contributions as the pediatric member support group representative for Cincinnati. In this position, she coordinated the Cincinnati location for the Summer School-Based workshop. She also compiled survey information from previous summer workshops as data on the issues related to occupational therapy school-based services.


Dr. Edmond Hooker, assistant professor of Health Services Administration authored “Use of Magnesium for the Treatment of Acute Onset Atrial Fibrillation” in the Southern Medical Journal and “Bioterrorism” in MedicineNet, and co-authored “A Prospective Study of the Impact of Multiple Patient Transports on Care Provided during Aeromedical Transport. Academic Emergency Medicine.”


George Farnsworth, professor of biology, shared his knowledge of birds, bird feeding and bird watching with kindergarten and second grade students Lincoln Heights Elementary in Cincinnati. He works with the students at their new Bird Sanctuary located behind the school. Farnsworth’s visit is part of the Bird Sanctuary Project funded by through a Learning Links Grant.