Faculty and staff accomplishments

A look at what your coworkers are doing | October 16, 2007

Allen Cole, registrar, presented two sessions and served as facilitator for a third at the annual SunGardHE Education Technology Association conference for the Midwest region, held Sept. 23-25 in Indianapolis. Cole was able to present Xavier as a model for excellence by showing live demonstrations of the Degree Evaluation reporting tool and the integration of the MyXU portal with many self-service menu functions. He was also paired with the senior consultant from SunGardHE in a session where they examined best practices for writing and maintaining WebCAPP.

Arthur J. Dewey, professor of theology, presented a workshop during the Jesus Seminar at the Westar Institute in Santa Rosa, Calif. The seminar is an effort by Bible scholars to promote religious literacy. The scholars explore what the historical Jesus was really like, what he did, and what he said.

Byron White, associate vice president of the community building Institute at Xavier, and Sharon Muyaya, president of the Evanston community council, presented at two national conferences on community-university relations in October. The first was the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities conference in Baltimore, and the second was the Outreach Scholarship Conference in Madison, Wis. Their topic was “Sharing Power or Just Getting Along.” White and Muyaya shared incidents of conflicts in power between the University and community, how they were resolved, and tips for other universities seeking to collaborate with nearby communities.

Joan Tunningley, occupational therapy, presented a round table at the Annual Ohio Occupational Therapy Association in October.

Joanne Phillips Estes, occupational therapy, presented two posters at the Society for the Study of Occupation in October.

Claire Morress, occupational therapy, presented a short course at the International Seating Symposium in March.

Winston Vaughan, childhood education and literacy, presented a paper titled “Teaching for Social Justice,” at the Midwestern Educational Research Association Fall 2007 Conference. Vaughan also published an article with Deborah Hess and Hilreth Lanig, nursing, titled “Educating for Equity and Social Justice” in Multicultural Perspectives, a peer reviewed journal.

Shelagh Larkin, social work, presented “Teaching to the Mission: Spiritually-based Professional Development of Self in Field Education: An Ignatian Approach,” at a national conference titled Social Work for Social Justice. Larkin was also awarded a Xavier University Wheeler Grant for the 2007-2008 academic year for her project titled “Reinvigorating Generalist Practice into Field Education.”

The department of occupational therapy hosted its annual fieldwork educators meeting and workshop titled “Translating the OT Vision Into Fieldwork: Translating an Opportunity Into Action” on Oct. 5. The presenter for this year’s workshop was Patricia Crist. Crist is currently program coordinator for the interdisciplinary doctoral program in rehabilitation sciences at Duquesne University. This workshop also educated fieldwork educators on new developments that will change the delivery of fieldwork and enhance fieldwork supervision skills to ensure student success.

Doug Olberding, chair of the sports studies department, was recently named vice-chairman of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Olberding has been on the board of directors for the marathon since 2002. This year the Flying Pig celebrated its 10th anniversary. Olberding has been able to use his association with the marathon to further his research agenda. He has co-authored three articles which have been published in peer-reviewed journals on subjects as diverse as the economic impact of the race, the brand equity associated with the Pig’s name and the impact survey investigation mode on spending estimates given by marathon participants.

Carol Scheerer, chair of the department of occupational therapy, published two articles in recent issues of Occupational Therapy in Health Care.

Gail Hurst, criminal justice, recently published an article titled “Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police: An Examination of Rural Youth” in the journal Criminal Justice Review.