Spotlight on Psychology

For Research: | September 19, 2007

We had a great turn-out for the APA convention August 17-20th in San Francisco. The following students, former students and faculty presented on a variety of topics: Andrea L. Johnson, PsyD and W. Michael Nelson III, PhD, Social aggression in violent and nonviolent incarcerated juveniles; Angela Sallie, PsyD and Christine Dacey, PhD, Body image of black female adolescents as a function of educational environment and acculturation; David T. Hellkamp, PhD, Facilitating strategic planning for a small nonprofit fundraising organization; and Julia B. Wamstad, MA and Janet R. Schultz, PhD, Qualitative and quantitative differences between passive and aggressive panhandlers.

Colleen Furey, Psy.D. student, coauthored a review of the book Understanding Trauma with her father who is a psychologist. It will be published in November in Psych Critiques.

Congratulations to the I-O class of 2007. All 10 students defended their thesis and graduated!

For Practice:

Emily Sander, Psy.D. student, used her artistic skills as an illustrator for the “Keeping Your Cool” workbook on anger management, written by Drs. Nelson and Finch. Dr. Nelson commended Emily and encouraged grad students to “think about using other relevant skills” along with the ones learned in their graduate program.

Congratulations to Lonnie Bradford, Psy.D. student, who was awarded a military scholarship.

Congratulations to Kristin Hoff, Psy.D. student, for receiving the Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT) Campus Leadership Award given for her work with APAGS. She was recognized in the May edition of the APA Monitor.

Mary Markivich, Roland Peckham & Kelly Firesheets, advanced Psy.D. students, recently participated in a service mission in South Africa, as part of a church function with Crossroads . Mary and Roland lent their psychology skills to the medical team and Kelly chaperoned a group of teenagers and used her psychological training to get a few stragglers out of a sticky situation with the police in Bharain.