Thoughts and memories about Skip Prosser

Comments from the guest book | August 6, 2007

It is easy to gloss over "doing the right thing" because it lacks the immediacy often afforded by shortcuts. But the impact of doing the right thing is profound and long-lasting. I know that I for one am a better person for being a witness to the many right things that Skip, as well as his predecessors and successors, have done on a day to day basis. Skip represented everything that is good about Xavier University and its mission in the world. Best wishes to the Prosser family.
Greg Mindrum

We will miss you Coach!! You taught us that winning isn't everything but to give it your all.
Tim Halloran

What a wonderful person and a fine coach. He always made us proud to say we were Muketeer fans. He was a man in the finest Xavier tradition personally and professionally.
Kathy and George Brinkman

I remember skip as a loyal coach to his Xavier players. Skip was a crowd pleaser at Xavier University and at Wake Forest.
Jonathan Glace

My wife, Cinda, and I first met Skip and Nancy at the 1995 Final Four in Seattle. Our paths crossed a lot over the years, mainly at Xavier functions, basketball games etc. but Skip always called both of us by our first names, he always remembered. Although Skip was a great basketball coach, mentor, educator, etc., more important than all those things Skip was a great human being who touched many people, because he loved people and always made an effort to really talk to people and help them. Skip was one of the great people on this earth.
Ronald Alvarez

Though I didn't really get into basketball until about 1999, or so, I will never forget watching Skip yell at his players to try and get the to play better. He was a great coach. I just wish I could've actually meet him once or twice, because he was without a doubt a great coach and even a better person. I miss ya Skip.
Peter Mense

Skip was an honorable and virtuous man who loved dearly his wife Nancy and his family. He is an example for so many of us.
Greg Schano

The sum of Skip Prosser’s life was not basketball but how he walked through this world and how he related to the people he met no matter their station in life. There is a saying basketball coaches and sportswriter mention about the “star” players; “a star player makes everyone around him better” and that was Skip. Everyone he touched in his life had to feel that they were made better because of meeting Skip. The life lessons he taught players and the kids from his camp will make the memory of Skip live throughout the ages. While I had not seen Skip since Fr. Hoff’s death, I felt that we would pick up our conversation where it ended the next time we would cross paths. Skip is in my heart and mind and he will not be forgotten. My heart felt prayers go out to Nancy and the family.
Edward Hamann

To Nancy, thank you for sharing your Skip with all of us. We are so grateful and blessed to have had him.
Brian Smyth

When Skip hired my husband, David Armstrong, as his strength and conditioning coach, in August 1996, I knew we had finally come to the right place. Excellent and knowledgeable as a coach, sincere as a friend, troubled and kind. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2000, Skip exuded the qualities one seeks in a coach. I will miss him greatly. My depest sympathy goes out to his family for their loss of a wonderful father, son, husband and a very special man.
Linda Armstrong

In all my years as bookstore manager, Skip was the one coach who, when he touring the campus with a recruit and family, would stop at the bookstore and, while the families looked around, made a point to greet me and my staff with a friendly hello, how are you doing?
John Wintz