NCAA certification process update

Special update from Xavier's president | May 1, 2007

Dear Members of the Xavier Community:

As part of the NCAA mandated certification process, a self-study has been completed that evaluates the Athletic Department’s current operations and identifies appropriate plans for improvement related to three operating principles: Academic Integrity, Governance and Commitment to Rule Compliance, and Student Athlete Welfare (Gender Equity, Minority Issues, and Student-Athlete Well-Being).

The self-study draft is the result of work conducted by three sub-committees and a steering committee comprised of faculty, administrators, alumni, students, and Athletic Department personnel.

We now invite any other interested members of the Xavier Community to review and comment on this self-study which is now on reserve in the Library. Additional copies are also available in the Athletic Department Offices in the Cintas Center. Comments should be forwarded to Dr. Lon Kriner, Chair of the Steering Committee, at


Michael J. Graham, S.J.