University displays sections of national AIDS quilt as part of World AIDS Day

Students selling quilt squares that people can decorate for use in new AIDS quilt; proceeds benefit AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati | December 1, 2006

Sections of the national AIDS quilt went on display in the Gallagher Student Center Dec. 1-8. The two 12x12-foot sections hung from the second-floor balconies. One of the sections included a remembrance of Paul Delph, whose family is from Cincinnati and requested that his section be displayed here.

The quilt display is just one of many activities planned by the enrichment committee of the student activities council to commemorate World AIDS Day on Friday, Dec. 1. World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

On Friday, Dec. 1, at the Gallagher Student Center, students sold 6x6-inch quilt squares for $3, which people decorated. The squares are being used to form an AIDS quilt. All the proceeds from the quilt squares sale went to AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati (AVOC).

A history of AIDS was also on display at the Gallagher Student Center. Other displays about the effects of HIV/AIDS were scattered around campus. A speaker from AVOC gave a presentationfollowed by a showing of the movie "Rent."