Sewer Replacement

Project update, 10/6/06 | October 6, 2006

In order to facilitate replacement of a damaged sewer, University Drive will be closed at Albers Hall beginning Monday, Oct. 9-31. During this time, the drive between Dana Avenue and Albers Hall will become a two-way drive and the exit of University Drive onto Victory Parkway will also become a two-way drive to allow access to the Gallagher lot. Access to the handicap parking in front of Albers will be accessible from the Victory Parkway entrance. Pedestrian traffic into and out of Albers will be maintained.

The next phase of the project will be to drill five piers fifty feet deep. Each pier will be forty two inches in diameter. Once that work is complete the excavation for the new sixteen inch ductlie iron pipe will begin.

This photo shows the emergency excavation performed last month to keep the sewer operational and avoid shutting down parts of the campus.