Spanish Professor Publishes Articles

Studies in contemporary Spanish fiction | October 18, 2006

Dr. David Knutson, Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages, has published three recently-released articles:

"Eduardo Mendoza: ¿novelista catalán?" (Eduardo Mendoza: A Catalonian Novelist?) appears in a collection titled La cultura catalana de expresión castellana. Estudios de literatura, teatro y cine (Catalonian Cultura in Castillian. Studies of literature, theatre, and cinema), published in Spain by Reichenberger. The article considers the work of contemporary Spanish novelist Eduardo Mendoza, a native of Barcelona who writes in Castillian Spanish rather than the regional Catalonian language.

"Madrid posglobal: Rafael Reig y Sangre a borbotones" (Postglobal Madrid: Gushing Blood>by Rafael Reig) appears in Madrid en la Literatura y las Artes. The article studies this 2002 novel, a distopian view of the Spanish capital in a not-so-distant future when the world has run out of petroleum and multinational corporations control everyone's lives.

"A Taste of Crime: Detectives, Food, Culture, and Society" has been released in Volume XXI of Monographic Review. This article studies the imagery of food and dining in the novels of contemporary Spanish detective writer Alicia Giménez Bartlett.